​Salesforce Change Management & Enablement

We believe that organizational change always necessitates well laid-out plans and designs. We want to participate in this exciting time in your business history and path. Whenever a new product or tool or service is released, change management provides the perfect phrase/term to describe the approaches a company or organization can use to support, prepare, and help individuals and teams to adapt.

Change enablement is a slightly different outlook towards organizational change. The idea is to not see change as something that you manage but something that we can “enable”. Enabling change would necessitate having a clear idea of the current state and what the future state would be like. What is our offering?

We have Salesforce consultants and industry experts at Valon Consulting Group who are experienced in developing personalized change management and enablement solutions that will allow your teams and individual contributors to focus on using Salesforce. The intent is to not only push your teams to adopt Salesforce as “quickly as possible” but to foster a natural interest that will breed super-users and early user who can be evangelists – something every implementation needs.

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