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Salesforce release is the software updates that Salesforce pushes out three times a year that improve and expand the platform’s functionality. With how well this software has done since its inception, the business world has experienced growth, productivity, and efficiency like never before.

The good thing about Salesforce is that it constantly upgrades and brings new features and updates for users. Hence, making business operations smoother and customer relationship management much better. So in this article, we will look at the new Salesforce features for 2022; spring, summer, and winter.

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Salesforce New Features For Spring 2022

1. Searching Smarter With Einstein

Einstein Search is now on by default in Lightning Experience at no extra cost. Einstein Search is also savvier when it comes to letting you search as you talk. Keywords are out, and natural language is present. You can adjust the search results with filters.

Another good thing is that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it will also prevent you from toggling back and forth between similar accounts by including the group or user profile image next to the search result.

2. Lightning Web Security

The new Lightning Web Security adds more protection for Lightning Web components by disabling or restricting the browser APIs of your choice.

3. Keep User’s Personal Information Private

Share relevant content with external users without exposing your user’s personal identifying information. With enhanced personal information management, you can decide which fields qualify as PII to keep data safe and avoid privacy breach scandals.

4. Scoping Rules

Scoping rules help you control default records your users see when searching, which is now generally available. This new feature is essential because it helps you serve up the most relevant records for your users, and you can define specific sets of rules for different user groups, to help everyone focus and save time.

5. Find The Right Report Type For New Reports (Beta)

Enhanced report types help you find the suitable report template at a glance. It will show you recently used report types and the entire report type catalog sorted by name and category. You can also click on a report type to see who recently used it and the objects it uses and checks to see if it contains the fields you need.

6. Monitor Your Slowest Desktop Record

Gone are the days when you let slow page loads prevent user adoption. Lightning App builder will flag pages with performance issues, so you can proactively find, monitor, and fix slow pages.

7. Lightning Design System Styling Hooks For Custom Components

Keep your components stylish and on-brand with Lighting Design System Styling Hooks. These style hooks allow additional customization within your brand style sheets to help keep your UI engaging and dynamic.

8. Lightning Data Table Customization

Salesforce has made it easier to customize Lighting Data Tables. Now you can use an icon as a column header instead of a label, display a lock on fields that can’t be edited, and program an external element like a button to open the first editable field in your table.

9. Use Dataweave In Apex To Enable Data Transformation To Different Formats (Beta)

Implementing certain functionality in Apex can be tedious and time-consuming, but Mulesoft’s Dataweave library integration with Apex makes data transformation much easier and more efficient. This means Apex developers can focus more on solving business problems and spending less time writing code for Apex, serialization, deserialization, and format transformation.

10. Use Lightning Web Runtime To Create Web Apps On Node.Js

With this Lightning Web Runtime developer preview, you can control the sites and pages you build completely independent of Salesforce. This decoupling of Lightning Web Runtime from the salesforce platform allows you to build static sites and single-page applications in a non-opinionated way with the tools and code of your choice.

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Salesforce New Features For Summer 2022

1. New Names For Products

New names have been provided for products, and new features and upgrades have been added. Products such as;

  • High-Velocity Sales are now known as Sales Engagement
  • My Trailhead is now known as Sales Enablement
  • Tableau CRM is now known as CRM Analytics

2. Custom Address Fields (Beta)

Improve your data and User Experience with the beta of Salesforce’s new custom address fields. Now you can add custom fields like Warehouse addresses to standard or custom objects.

3. Customise And Filter Related Lists In Lightning App Builder

Salesforce is rolling out the ability to customize and filter related lists directly in Lightning. Plus, there is no longer a dependency to add and configure related lists within the Object Page Layouts View. This means fewer clicks and more intuitive filtering to make finding the information you need easier and faster.

4. Salesforce Feedback Management

Salesforce makes listening to your customers and getting direct feedback about their experiences more accessible. With these new updates, you can keep your surveys on-brand by adding your logo, engaging customers with a unique custom thank you page, message, and URL, and making it easier for them to share their excellent experiences on socials.

You can make your survey shorter and faster using matrix questions which group related questions and a standard set of answers. This makes it more likely that customers will complete the survey and walk away feeling satisfied.

5. Salesforce Scheduler

Salesforce Scheduler just got some significant upgrades. Now, users can view shift schedules, vacations, and absences in calendar view and group them by color to make them easy to see. You can also share calendar availability with customers to allow them to book appointments in real time.

Those appointments can be automatically assigned and shared, ensuring the right team members have access to everything they need to set themselves and their customers up for success.

6. Financial Services Cloud Interaction Summaries And Interest Tags

Do you ever wish there was a way to tag and find all the moments a customer or prospect took a specific action? Keep your customer engagement records organized and easily searchable with interest tags. You can add interest tags to interaction summaries to make finding relevant customer moments and opportunities a snap.

7. Financial Services Cloud Actual Relationship Center

Too much data can create many problems; how do you understand it in the context of your customer relationships? With the new Actual Relationship Centre, you can build graphs with standard and custom objects to show relevant customer relationship data to your users. Discover new patterns and opportunities based on your existing data and reach out immediately.

8. Reports And Dashboards

Salesforce brought back a classic; you can once again limit the number of rows in a report to focus on the most relevant results and save processing time. You can create reports based on selected Salesforce objects, filtering out unnecessary report types to only show what you need.

Plus, you can edit multiple fields on the report run page; no more going back to start each time you clean up or update your data; all you have to do now is click-edit-save-done.

9. Einstein Lead Scoring ROI

Many organizations ask if Einstein Lead Scoring is a good investment for a business. You can use Einstein Readiness Assessor to estimate the value of Einstein Lead Scoring based on your current lead acquisition and conversion numbers.

10. Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein’s Prediction Builder is easier to use, and you don’t need to be a data expert to set it up. Salesforce has released a guided setup flow to help users build AI power predictions quickly.

11. Slack

Salesforce is rolling out some new features to help realize the promise of Slack plus Salesforce. With CRM analytics for Slack, you can browse and search your analytics inside Slack, share links and snapshots of analytic dashboards and lenses to collaborate internally and externally, and get automatic notifications and updates about CRM analytics activity inside Slack. You can now sign in per organization for all apps in a Slack workspace.

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Salesforce New Features For Winter 2022

1. Salesforce Mobile Homepage

The Salesforce mobile homepage has a new look designed by you, that’s right. Now you can customize your Salesforce mobile homepage to suit your taste and reflex the way you want it, making your mobile experience faster and more relevant.

2. Lightning Page Metrics

Lightning Page load times have affected business severally. The good news is there are new and improved lighting performance metrics. Prevent the dreaded customer refresh and the Reddit scenario by keeping on top of your page load speeds and tweaking when necessary.

3. Dynamic Gauge Charts

Dynamic Gauge Charts allow you to eliminate static, fixed values and visualize custom performance segments against an entire region, team, or business in real time. For example, you can see how individual sales team members perform against team quota or how sales revenue in one country compares to that of another.

4. Flow Upgrade; Outbound Messages

On Salesforce, people used only to send outbound messages using workflow rules; with this winter release, you will be able to send outbound messages to external services via Flow Builder.

But be warned, this update suggests that Salesforce will probably retire this feature in workflow rules soon. So if you need to move this feature from workflow rules to Flow Builder, do it on time.

5. Data Restriction Rules

You can protect your data by fine-tuning your restriction rules and limiting access to specific users. So while sharing is caring, security is the watchword for sensitive company and customer information.

6. Record Association Builder

Measuring banker productivity by branch just got much easier with the new Record Association Builder. Customers and leads can now be associated with their specific branch and banker to make reporting more accessible and insightful.

7. New Tableau CRM Dashboards For Banking

The content might be king for marketers, but data insights move the needle for corporate and investment banking. To that end, Salesforce has three new tableau CRM dashboards that can help you close deals faster and deliver more value to every client. This is achieved through Salesforce’s built-in AI and analytics that now serve real-time insights and the following best action inside deal progressions.



Salesforce has proven that businesses can do so much with as little as a log as they use the right tools to carry out business operations. The various features added to make this software worthwhile are commendable. As an organization, jump into the pool and watch your business grow like never before.



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